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About Us

This website and solution is my life’s work.

I originally developed ETC Software to run my Healthy Revelations and TutorFi companies. Since creating this unique results focused accountability solution, I’ve been able to outsource and leverage every detail of my businesses. This solution has truly been a dream come true and it was created out of necessity.

As I started to really understand the power of my ETC Software creation, I began to see and understand how this solution could help any company grow.
It was about this time when I made the decision to offer my solution to other companies who could benefit from it. As I started talking with ceo’s and other experts about my solution, they all loved the idea, but couldn’t quite picture how to use results focused accountability systems within their organizations. This is why I decided to write a book called The Evolution of Training & Coaching. How To Explode Your Company Fast.

When I sat down to write the book, I just wanted experts and trainers to understand how and why this type of solution could help their company grown.
I was sure to include my story inside my book and within six weeks of my book launch, I became a #1 Best Selling Author in three different categories within Amazon (Business Leadership Training, Business Mentoring & Coaching and Business Writing).

Those #1 rankings came as a complete shock to me!

As I sit back and wonder why, I realize that the information I teach is so unique and specific to results, that most consultants or software solution experts don’t have the guts to make claims about how much their solution can help companies grow. The fact that my book speaks about specific methods that can help a company explode to the next level is unique and I couldn’t be prouder of my life’s work.

I hope you benefit from all the resources I have put into this website.

Yours Truly,
Scott Palat